Just copy it and paste in your URL. Moral of the story: This is just NOT technically possible. To access device management follow the steps below 1. I Googled around and found that many, many people were running into this problem where the drive starts reporting 0 bytes capacity and can not be formatted. Just so you know, I only tested this on a Verbatim 8 Gb drive that had the exact same problems you described. AND Everyone who says they can fix the problem just by changing the drive letter:

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I have the same problem with my 8 GB Trekstor Stick 0 free o used. I solved the problem with a windows xp installation disk: I downloaded it, I try it as cjipsbnk, but says to me that the currently inserted U3 drive is not SanDisk, but in real it is a Sandisk.

chisbnk Other things about the disk look normal. And I hope someone else benefits from this information. On one computer, the error was that the device was unrecognised, and all the other nine computers asked me to insert a disk. This fix should be more widely recognised. I tried all of the. Before it was just Removable Disk, now it had a proper name — albeit Generic.


Uploaded downloaded times receiving. None of this is working for me. Unplug the device from the USB port.

USB Flash Drive Error

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. The Volumes tab shows: Actually it took me less than ten seconds, thanks. The description here matched everything that I had seen wrong with the flash drive. I originally created this web site for flash drives but because some people already submitted the speed test results external usb disks added group for them too.

Actually there is an SDFormatted v 4. Thanks for this tip, but sadly the installer detects that my drive is not a Sandisk drive and refuses to run. I had 1gb usb flash disk windows sp2 can recognize this device chipsbnk flash disk usb device and assign disk volume but its apparent th. I am on windows 7. Name the file SNDK. If you can then copy them to the hard drive and then try to format the flash drive and check.


They really are very important.

Thank you all for support. Thanks to ultimate solution.

And your solution worked…………. Go to power setting and disbale usb suspending and the drive started showing in file explorer. Then it told me that I had to. Super Stick Recovery Tool did the job in about 3 minutes. Sorry this didn’t help.

stitnvigtao – Chipsbnk multi-reader usb device driver

Ferguson primarily focuses on computer and electronic articles. It works fine until the finish wizard appears. An 8gb drive could have 2 x 4gb chips, or 4 x 2gb dhipsbnk, these may be technically different enough that a formatter for one will not work with another, etcetra. Under Windows 7, 8 and Vista, some registry keys may be protected and cannot be visha. Today, I could finally revive it.

Win 7 HP v 4G Thumb drive.