If the database server does not require SSL, data is not encrypted and only the login request is encrypted. For the application-specific path, place the sqljdbc. See Using the AuthenticationMethod Property for more information about using the default value. If set to x, where x is a positive integer, the driver caches all insensitive result set data in memory, using this value to set the size in KB of the memory buffer for caching insensitive result set data. In this case, performance can be improved by increasing the amount of memory used by the driver before writing data to disk.

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The SQL Server driver supports the following methods of authentication: To specify a property, use the following form in the JDBC data source configuration: The Password property provides the password.

Setting this value causes sqljdbc. The domain controller must sqlxerver both the database server and the client. When your application needs security, but cannot afford to pay the performance penalty for encrypting data transferred between the driver and server. By default, the SQL Server driver uses client-side cursors because this type of cursor can work with any result set type.

Allows your application to use Snapshot Isolation for connections.

The database server must be administered by the same domain controller that administers the client and must be running one of the following databases: When the UseServerSideUpdatableCursors property is set to true and a scroll-insensitive updatable result set is requested, the driver downgrades the request to a scroll-insensitive read-only result set.


Verify that your environment meets the requirements listed in Table before you configure the driver for Kerberos authentication. Connections associated with distributed transactions can become orphaned if the connection to the server is lost before the transaction has completed. Microsoft SQL Server sqlserverdtiver. An application can use the list returned by the XAResource.


The MS SQL Server Driver

The default is noEncryption. Typically, responses are not cached by the driver. If the cancel request times out, for example, because the server is down, the driver throws an exception indicating that the cancel request was timed out and the connection is no longer sqoserverdriver.

As a general rule, applications should clean up orphaned connections at startup and when the application is notified that a connection to the server was lost.

Typically, it is optimal for the client to use the maximum packet size that the server allows. If set to describeIfString, the driver attempts to describe SQL parameters to determine the database data type if one or multiple parameters has been bound as a String using the PreparedStatement methods setStringvomand setAsciiStream.

If a value is sqlservef for the CodePageOverride property and the SendStringParametersAsUnicode property is set to true, the driver ignores the property and generates a warning.


To install stored procedures for JTA: EnableCancelTimeout True or false. Based on your answers, the Wizard provides the optimal settings for performance-related connection properties.

Data Source and Driver Classes

To configure Snapshot Sqlserverdruver for connections, you must have your Microsoft SQL Server database configured for Snapshot Isolation, your application must have the transaction isolation level set to Serializable, and this property must be set to true.

For example, Password is the same as password. All connection string property names are ssqlserver. If the values do not match, the connection fails and the driver throws an exception. As a precaution, have your system administrator back up the master database before running instjdbc.

If the output parameter is char or varchar, the driver returns the output parameter value, but the returned value is limited to characters.

Connecting to a Database

jbc Calling this method returns a list of active distributed transactions that have been prepared, but not committed or rolled back. The nested query’s metadata must describe a single column.

The Driver for Apache Hive. If set to -1, the query timeout functionality is disabled. The default is an empty string.