I did notice the same problem with the mysql driver I was using with the Groovy groovy. DB2 also does not roll the transaction back immediately; it waits until all connections to the database are released. With this framework however, DB2 APIs are used to resolve the host name and port number connection parameters for use with a JDBC type 4 driver based on the specified database name. When the utility completes running, a detailed report is generated that indicates whether a successful database connection can be established with the specified connection parameters. Post as a guest Name. Path Model Configuration Service Tool: By default, the JDBC 1.

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X driver is on the class path. I have the proper jdbc jar files placed in ” A database operation was performed that uses a different scope than the configured data source.

JDBC Driver – com. For applications using basic authentication, verify that any connection information in your application settings contain the correct user name and password, such as any cataloged library settings. Instead, use the following type 4 connection type database name syntax when you run WebSphere Commerce utilities: Client not found in Kerberos database at com.

This prevents you from attempting to do injection when the bean is created.

The solution is to use jt Review and verify the type 4 driver connection type settings. This problem does not occur if the single-phase transaction is committed, and it does not occur when using the DB2 Universal JDBC Driver in type 2 mode.


Data access problems for DB2 databases

This type 4 driver connection type is an upgrade from the type 2 driver and provides improved performance and a richer set of functions for creating database connections. For example, the following command includes the URL in the database parameter for the database cleanup utility command: All forum topics Previous Topic Topic.

This change can result in data integrity problems. If RR is your chosen isolation level, it is effectively downgraded to RS.

JDBC – DB2 no suitable driver error – SmartBear Community

DB2Driver driver class for the type 4 driver. If the database is not configured to accept the standard user ID and password authentication this problem does not occur. Authorization vrvr is invalid. The following code block is an example of this exception: The client sent a userid, but no password, to a server that does not support authentication by userid only. To resolve these problems: Path Model Configuration Service Tool: Hi, I dint not get any error.

DB2 also does not roll the transaction back immediately; it waits until all connections to the database are released.

Solved: Failed to initialize the connection that uses the – SmartBear Community

Execute these DB2 commands: To resolve these connectivity issues, ensure that you validate your configured database connection settings and that you are using the correct JDBC driver configuration. For example, the testConnection command runs at the node level for a data source that exists on the server level.


This user is not allowed to connect to DB2, resulting in the previously shown exception. Run the WebSphere Commerce database connection validation utility If you encounter errors when a WebSphere Commerce utility or process that involves database-related operations runs, use the database connection validation utility to ensure that a database connection established.

Subject Author Latest Post Testcase checkmarks always green even when Symptom CMIS is installed and deployed with no problems.

The bean method looks up these persistence context items from the JNDI and by that time, the bean should be running in the security context because the EJB container has called the security collaboration APIs. MarshalException logged for application client due to incompatibility of JDBC driver file versions Symptom For an application that includes a application client, the following error message is displayed in the client log file of the application server: What kind of problem are you having accessing your DB2 database?

The report also indicates whether any errors occurred.

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